About Us

About Pure CleanersWe consider ourselves to be a highly professional and well organised cleaning operation with skills and expertise in all sorts of domestic and commercial cleaning services, that’s why we are booked for cleaning regularly. We know what customers expect and require of a professional grade cleaning service which is worth their time and money – after all we have been an active part of this dynamic and demanding industry for many years now.

We value honest, straightforward way of doing business, which has so far been one of our best policies. We also believe that customers are our most valuable asset and that their satisfaction is our strongest form of advertising. In light of this, we aim to provide the highest quality cleaning solutions at the best possible prices, and so far we have been able to do just that.

Being a professional service provider, we are well aware that our results and quality of work are only as good as the people we have working for us. Because of this we took the time and effort to find and select the most skilled and dedicated cleaning professionals around. After all only the best will suffice since we aim to be the most reliable and efficient local cleaners, which we are really.

Convenience and versatility of our cleaning services is one of the aspects which sets us apart from the rest. Each and every service we have on offer is designed and organised with our customers in mind. We try to be as efficient and unobtrusive as possible in our day to day work. We are also flexible enough to cover specific customer needs and requirements without unnecessary hassles or excess costs.

Pure Cleaners is not your average cleaning company, don’t take our word for it though, but put us to the test and become part of a better service experience in every respect.